The 2013 Charles M.A. Stine Award is presented to Professor Paula Hammond of the Masschusetts Institute of Technology for pioneering contributions to directed electrostatic and thermodyanic self-assembly of polyelectrolytes and water-soluble polymers, and their manipulation for biologically responsive and electrochemically active materials. Professor Hammond will present the keynote talk in the MESD Plenary Session at the 2013 Annual Meeting in San Francisco.


The Charles M.A. Stine Award is bestowed annually to a leading researcher in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of materials science and engineering. Previous winners include many important researchers in the materials engineering field. The Stine Award is sponsored by E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co., and recognizes an individual's outstanding contribution to the scientific, technological, educational or service areas of materials engineering and science.

Selection criteria are as follows: (1) Nominees must be members of AIChE. (2) The award can be given to an individual or a team. (3) Significant discoveries, important research, the development of new processes and products, the initiation of new materials and management, education concepts, or outstanding service to the materials community. The award consists of a plaque and a $1500 cash award. The winner is invited each year as the featured speaker for the Materials Engineering and Sciences Division Plenary session at the Annual AIChE meeting in the Fall.

Nominations for the Stine Award are due every February 15th, and  must be submitted by members of AIChE, using the GENERAL NOMINATION FORM. Submit nominations to the Materials Engineering & Sciences Division Awards Committee Chair, Professor John G. Ekerdt, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Austin, Texas 78712-0231, (512) 471-4689;

Previous Stine Award Winners

2012 Nicholas Kotov
2011 Juan de Pablo
2010 Nicholas L. Abbott
2009 Christopher N. Bowman
2008  Sharon Glozter
2007  Michael Tsapatsis
2006  Jeffrey T. Koberstein
2005  Nitash P. Balsara
2004  John M. Torkelson
2003  Thomas F. Kuech
2002  R. A. Register
2001  J. G. Ekerdt
2000  R. E. Cohen
1999  D. W. Hess
1998  B. D. Ratner
1997  I. A. Aksay
1996  M. V. Tirrell
1995  K. F. Jensen
1994  T. J. Anderson
1993  E. W. Merrill
1992  D. S. Pearson
1991  R. S. Langer
1990  C. W. Frank
1989  J. L. Duda & J.S. Vrentas
1988  C. W. Macosko
1987  S. L. Cooper
1986  S. E. Isakoff
1985  D. R. Paul
1984  N. A. Peppas
1982  A. S. Michaels
1981  J. L. Kardos
1979  C.E. Ford